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Welcome to the WWE Games Index!

Do you ever get the urge to play as a certain past or current WWE superstar, but don't know what games you could play as them in? Do you ever think of a certain game and don't know who is on the playable roster? Well the WWE Games Index is the place for you! This site is provided for the benefit of every WWE games fan on the internet! 

By clicking on "Superstars" you can view a roster selection page of EVERY superstar playable in a WWE game. By clicking on their roster picture, you can view a bio of their basic information, games they are included in, games they are downloadable content in, and listen to their current or most popular entrance music!

The "Games" page is a selection of every WWE game that has ever been released. By clicking on one of those buttons, it will take you to a roster page of who is available in that certain game. By default the roster page includes everyone, but you can select whether you want to view all males or females in the game by using the buttons at the top.

The "Whose Been In The Most?" page lets you view how many games each superstar has been in. You can see who has been in the most or least games. You can compare how many games a certain superstar has been in to another superstar by simply scrolling through the page.

The "Quick Find" page allows you to view a list of EVERY superstar playable in a WWE game. By clicking on the name, it will take you to that superstars roster page. This is to help speed up the process if you are in a rush to find a specific superstar.

Answers to FAQ:

  • The four faces of foley are separated because they were included in several games as different characters.
  • Godfather and Papa Shango are separated because they are included separate on WWE's website and they are completely different personas that were never referenced as the same person.
  • Diego & Fernando are separated from Primo & Epico because they were never announced on television as the same people.
  • Fictional characters are not included.
  • Non-playable characters are not included.
  • If someone is only included as a manager in the game, they are not included.
  • Anyone included on a superstar game page is included in the "Whose Been In The Most" page. Whether that superstar be in one version of the game, they are still counted for that game. This includes if you can piece them together in create a wrestler.
  • WWF With Authority, Champions, or Supercard are not included because they are not a fighting based game where you have control of a superstar.

If there is any information that you feel is incorrect, any entrance videos on roster pages that are not currently working, or any issues with the site whatsoever, please contact me at wwegamesindex@gmail.com or at IGN under the username snowcatsnowcat.

Thank you and enjoy the site!!!!